The containers are freely hand formed and finished with surface relief. They are reminiscent of the sea, of the multi-faceted coral structures and mussel shells, and of the fact that everything we take comes from nature. The painting accentuates these structures.

Fabulous creatures accompany us in stories from all countries and cultures. Their depiction on the porcelain goods plays in the space between abstract and representational. It is about the expression of their very own character and liveliness. The eye tries to grasp them but at the same time they elude the view, in accordance to their nature.

Schale Groß Kobald

Titel: Schale Groß Kobald, Year: 2020, Technique: Porzellanguss mit Kobaldglasur, Size: ca 24 cm
Title: Schale Groß Kobald, Year: 2020, Technique: Porzellanguss, Size: ca 24 cm

Schale Groß Kobal

Title: Schalen A, A1 & A2, Year: 2020, Technique: Porzellanguss, Size: ca 18 cm


Title: Vase, Year:2020, Technique: Porzellanguss, Size: ca 55 cm

Felicithas Arndt

Felicithas Arndt is a student at the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach a.M. with a focus on ceramics, painting and printmaking. In 2017 she took part in an excursion and exhibition in the porcelain capital Jingdezhen/ China with porcelain painting. 2019 she won the 3rd place at the Senckenberg sculpture competition with a ceramic sculpture.