The form was produced by a casting process with porcelain mass and then painted. The painting of
the object plays a central role: the shape always remains the same, while the objects differ from each
other in their decoration. 


Year: 2020, Technique: Porzellanguss mit Engobemalerei, Size: ca. 30cm
Franziska Kronmüller shows hand-painted vases.

Franziska Kronmüller

Franziska Kronmüller began her art studies in 2013 at the HfG Offenbach. After her intermediate diploma she studied illustration at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. During a one-year stay abroad at the art academy KASK Gent she concentrated on illustration, painting and textile design. Since 2018 Franziska is studying again at the HfG Offenbach with the main focus on painting and ceramics.