In the shaping of the tea bowl, the curve from thumb to forefinger was specifically used as a tool. By depicting the finger curve, a haptic connection between hands and bowl is created, which should intensify the sensual moment of drinking tea and invite interaction. The organic shape of the bowl merges into the geometrically shaped base, which supports and elevates it.

The pair of tea bowls maintains traditional shapes with cobalt blue painting of the different tea cultures. On the outside, the shape remains white and unglazed, while the inside of the bowl is calligraphically painted with cobalt and shines through the ceramic shards to the outside. The brush stroke explores the colour effect in varying intensity.


Title: Teeschale, Year: 2019/20, Technique: Porzellanguss, Size: B 11 x H 8 cm


Title: Teeschalen, Year: 2019/20, Technique: Porzellanguss, Maße: Tulpenform groß - B 10 x H 8,5 cm,
Tulpenform klein - B 8 x H 7 cm, Becherform groß - B 7 x 9,5 cm, Becherform klein - B 6 x 8 cm

Julia Huisken

Julia Huisken is a state-certified goldsmith and prospective graduate designer. In her studies she focuses on interdisciplinary design.