The fascination for microorganisms influences the design of the sculpture. Microorganisms and unicellular organisms are a relevant part of our lives, which are underestimated due to their inconspicuousness and invisibility. However, the sum is always an interaction of many elements.
So the beginning of the work consists of forming small spheres. The basic bodies leave their symmetry when they snuggle up to each other, thus ensuring the stability of the form. Only in the multitude and cohesion of many small individual forms does the organic, essential shape grow.


Title: Teilchenausgleich, Technique: Prozellanguss, Size: Form 1 (auf dem Foto) 35 cm x 15cm,
Form 2 (nicht auf dem Foto) 22cm x 9cm

Petra Metzner

Petra Metzner graduated in communication design with a focus on photography and illustration. After completing this course of studies, she decided to follow the path of fine arts at the HfG Offenbach, where she focuses on sculpture.