Study on the nature of the young man, sculpture  The study of the essence of the youth is understood as research: it deals with central questions that understand themselves less in potential representation than in the foundation of the existence. About the form itself: Self-contained, at rest within itself, with a clear tendency to go outwards, towards an exterior. Delimiting the body, concluding, ending in a sharp, clearly defined line. The radiant brightness of the form reveals itself as one of its most important features.


The wall objects form the negative to a free writing. As a gesture, as a language that goes beyond words, these sculptures grasp what is not (or does not seem to be) in words.

Wall relief 

The wall reliefs are an unveiling and concealing of their (questions) themselves. "What you are looking for is near, has already come to you." (Hölderlin, Heimkunft / To the relatives, v. 56)

Study on the nature of the young man, sculpture

Simon Martin

Simon Martin, born in Heidelberg in 1997, has been studying fine arts at the Offenbach Academy of
Art and Design since the winter semester 2018/19.